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Welcome to Motion Dynamics Physical Therapy

Beginning in 2000, we have proudly been the center of excellence for Orthopedic Manual Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation to Patchogue and our surrounding communities.

At Motion Dynamics Physical Therapy, we emphasize the correction of biomechanical dysfunction through individualized, hands-on program of rehabilitation. We not only address the symptoms, but also analyze the entire musculoskeletal system for surrounding areas that may be adding to the problem. Rather than just focusing on pain, we get to the root of the problem causing pain in the first place.

Our treatment approach integrates traditional Physical Therapy modalities with more skilled, advanced manual therapy techniques that are based upon the theories of Osteopathic Medicine. These include soft tissue and joint mobilizations, both tools used in Manual Medicine. Early emphasis is placed on education and patient participation in an active home exercise program. We institute a thorough course of intervention that includes education about body mechanics and core stabilization in order to minimize the change of progressive dysfunction or re-injury.

The ultimate goal for all patients is the decrease or elimination of symptoms, restoration of function and realization of physical potential. In this way, patients may safely return to work, sport and activities of daily living.

Patient Forms
Initial Evaluation

Meet Our Staff

Stephan Ungar, PT, MTC

Stephan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy as well as a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Stony Brook university in 1989. He later earned his Manual Therapy Certification through the institute of Graduate Health Science in 1994. Stephan has instructed nationally and locally as assistant instructor to Jeffrey Ellis, PT, MTC for two nationally recognized post graduate courses: CTI (Cervico -Thoracic Integration) & LPI (Lumbo-Pelvic Integration) and as an assistant to Michell Roy PT, COMP in Advanced Orthopedics at Touro College. Mr. Ungar served as the senior Physical Therapist at Ben-El Therapeutics in Patchogue prior to acquirement of that facility by the St Charles Rehabilitation Network. He was appointed to the center manager position for that organization in 1997.

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Jeffrey Lackowitz, PT, DPT

Jeffrey earned his entry-level Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in 1993. He began his introduction to Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy under the tutelage of his professional mentor, the late Jeffrey Ellis, while at Ben-El Therapeutics in Patchogue.

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Thomas Gelveles, PT, DPT

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Jessica Fischer, PTA

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