I really cannot say enough about Motion Dynamics Physical Therapy. They have helped my entire family! Both myself and my husband should have had surgery, but did not thanks to Steve, Jeff and the incredible staff there. My husband had severe back problems and I had terrible neck and back pain after a bad car accident. My son fractured the growth plate in his ankle. Thanks to treatment and his specific home exercise program, he was back to all his activities in no time. My daughter had bad back and hip pain from a lot of dancing. Not only is she back to dancing but she is stronger and dancing better than ever. I have recommended many people and they have all had a great experience there.

All the therapists are exceptionally knowledgeable, skillful and helpful. They will answer all your questions and don't rush you. I found out more useful information on how to deal with my problems from them than I did from my own Orthopedist. Thank you to everyone at Motion Dynamics for doing such a great job and helping people the way you do. You're the best!


Due to various surgeries, disabilities, chronic conditions, I have needed physical therapy multiple times in my life. Starting over 10 years ago, when first experiencing foot drop I sought out a good physical therapist. I went from one PT to another, searching for what PT should be and could be. Then I found Motion Dynamics. The Physical Therapists on staff give each patient an individualized plan and provide individualized attention with hands on care each visit. My program was tailored to my needs each time, drop foot, sciatica, carpal tunnel surgery, knee arthroscopy for a meniscus tear and then ultimately a knee replacement. Every visit my therapist discussed my progress and needs, and tailored the day's therapy to my needs. After the therapist works hands on to improve movement, flexibility, strength, I exercise under supervision to make sure I am doing everything correctly and safely. The entire staff is friendly and caring. I highly recommend Motion Dynamics to anyone seeking Physical Therapy as their program is superior to all around the area. They really care about their parents.

Sharon E.

I came to Motion Dynamics to rehab a serious injury requiring surgery. I needed to recover as quickly as possible in time for the upcoming sports season that I officiate. The therapists at Motion Dynamics guided me through a very aggressive program that got me back onto the field just in time for the season, much faster than typical recoveries. My experience at Motion Dynamics has been entirely positive, from the knowledgeable and caring therapists, the attentive assistants, and the friendly front-desk staff.

Mike S.

There is only one word I can say about Motion Dynamics and that is AWESOME!! That's right AWESOME! Motion Dynamics was very understanding of my needs and very helpful. I'm a 60 year old patient who has had a total knee replacement in August 2012. My lengthy hospital stay and in house rehab left me still in a deep mental hole and restricted movement in my knee. With help from Motion Dynamics (Stephan, Jeffrey, Tom) I got back on track. It wasn't always easy, but with the help from such dedicated therapists, I see tremendous progress, so I'm mentally ready for my second knee replacement next year. My heartfelt thank you to all of the staff from Motion Dynamics. Ladies from the front desk, thank you for your kindness and your friendly reminder of my appointments. Thanks to "my" therapists who made me sweat (!!!!!) and finally got my knee working as it is supposed to be. Thank you again, you all are really special to me.

Andreas P.

My wife and I, have each been using Motion Dynamics for various physical therapy needs for many years. We and several friends, have experienced very skillful treatment and have been extremely satisfied with the results. Their staff is extremely attentive, friendly and accommodating.


I have been to several physical therapy practices in my life as I suffer from various orthopedic conditions. Recently, I had a total knee replacement. Never have I received treatment as comprehensive and helpful as the care and treatment I received at Motion Dynamics. At every session, there is a knowledgeable physical therapist with you. The hands-on manual treatment is the most effective component. It makes all the difference and makes the treatment at this practice, the best around! After every session, I felt less discomfort, more relaxed and more mobile due to this special technique and the expertise of this staff.

Beth M.

I visited Motion Dynamics after back surgery in March 2015. Over the years, I have used many physical therapy places for various arthritis related issues and surgeries. Until I found Motion Dynamics and Jeff, I had been very unhappy with other physical therapists. I have used offices that overbook, and have had to be there for over 3 hours. I have been treated by the actual Physical Therapist the first time and then seen only assistants. I was pretty much at the end of my rope when Motion Dynamics was recommended to me. I met Jeff and each time I was there, I was treated by him and assisted by his assistant as he modified my program as I improved. They are professional and kind and most of all, treat you as a priority. As one who has been through probably 5 or 6 other offices, I highly recommend Motion Dynamics for anyone who is looking for professional, courteous, and of course, effective Physical Therapy.

Susan M.

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