Welcome to Motion Dynamics Physical Therapy

We now proudly accept Healthfirst patients!

At Motion Dynamics Physical Therapy, we emphasize the correction of biomechanical dysfunction through individualized, hands-on program of rehabilitation. We not only address the symptoms, but also analyze the entire musculoskeletal system for regions that may be facilitating the dysfunction.

Our treatment approach integrates traditional Physical therapy modalities with advanced manual therapy techniques based upon the theories of an Osteopathic model. Early emphasis is placed on education and patient participation in an active home exercise program. We institute a thorough course of intervention that includes postural re-education body mechanics and core stabilization in order to minimize the change of progressive dysfunction or re-injury.

The ultimate goal for all patients is the decrease or elimination of symptoms, restoration of function and realization of physical potential. In this way, they may safely return to work, sport and activities of daily living.

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