Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation will include:

  • A full medical history and injury background
  • Comprehensive orthopedic/biomechanical assessment
  • Education about your findings
  • An individualized plan of care unique to you
  • Instruction in a home exercise program and appropriate body mechanics for you

Please make sure you bring the following with you at your evaluation:

  • Your Doctor's prescription
  • Your insurance card
  • Picture ID
  • Detailed medication list (especially for Medicare patients)
  • Appropriate clothing. Shorts for lower extremity and back problems. Tank tops for women with neck or shoulder problems. You can change once you're here if necessary.

  • Any relevant test results you have, including:
    • X-rays
    • MRI
    • CT scan
    • surgical reports
    • Bone scan
    • Doctor office notes
    • We look forward to the opportunity to help you begin on your road to recovery.

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